A Seat at the Spades Table

Democracy in America has withered away. Project 2025 is not the Baba Yaga that everyone is making it out to be. While the Democrats like to throw rocks in glass houses and hide their hands, the Republicans have always been very clear about their agenda. The Heritage Foundation is not the Republican Party however, it might as well be a look into the playbook of the opponent's team. In theory, it's been happening since Reagan. Even Biden had a hand in it by helping Clarence Thomas get on the bench of the Supreme Court. There is a PBS Special about how Thomas got on the bench despite the sexual harassment allegations lobbied against him by Anita Hill (https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/documentary/clarence-and-ginni-thomas/). We no longer live in a 2-party system. The American Eagle now has a Blue wing and a Red wing. We live in a 1-party, Purple fascist system. The Boogeyman is not Project 2025; it's Project Purple MAGA.

As November 2024 looms around the corner and people are scrambling for answers on who to vote for, the answers are becoming more clear on whom not to vote for. Trump was never an option. Taking the time to explain why would insult my intelligence. As for voting Biden, it's still a no for me. He didn't want his children to go to school in a "racist jungle" so he sided with Southerners to get better schools for Black children instead of bussing them to white neighborhoods. He put in crime bills to keep drug users, drug dealers, and thugs from getting guns and keeping criminals off the streets however, when it was his own son he was oh so happy to let him accept a plea deal that included no jail time. When the justice system said no, he hollered about it being unfair. I guess he "forgot" he proudly wrote those laws. As he continues to use our tax dollars to commit multiple genocides and ignores the will of the people he is asking to vote for him, he shall surely reap what he sows. As too shall America. While we are living in a state of financial insecurity, we have no money to spare for politicians who have been ignoring us for months as we are too busy sending our last $5 as GoFundMe donations to help deal with the atrocities our government is causing. The Democrats allowed Trump to get where he is when they rigged the primaries to let Hilary win. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

3rd party options are out there. It is time to unite behind a 3rd party and not return to the duopoly. This is not the time to pander to the duopoly the way they pander to us. This is not the time to disconnect from the elections and withhold our votes just to run back to either party once this is over. This is our time to unite behind a single 3rd party option. That means we need to start by organizing locally. We need to know every candidate to vote for on every ballot across the country. We need to bring back sample ballots so people know the trusted 3rd party options. We have 3 months before early voting begins. There is enough time to build unity in our communities to know which candidates will pledge certain things. If they don't pledge those things, let them fail. They weren't going to hold up to what their constituents needed anyway. And while we're building our communities, gather leaders who will run to take their seat in the next election. Problem solved. We may have to endure for the night however, our communities will have a plan in place to survive for the morrow. This is the same strategy for state and federal candidates. And if they flip sides during their term, be prepared to ensure they never get another term in office again. Regardless of the money behind politics, it takes bodies at the poll 

to actually win an election. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. If change is what the people really want, the blueprint has always been there and time is ticking. 

As for the Black Community...metaphorically speaking, there are 2 different kinds of Black folks; there are the ones that can play Spades and the ones that can't. The ones that can't will hop on the "vote blue no matter who” train because they can't take the heat at the Spades table. The ones that can will do what we've always done because we are resilient. We've literally been through worse. Our elders have prepared us to lose everything, then they taught us how to get it back and much more. It is in the very spirit of not celebrating July 4th that we know we are going to be able to make it. We celebrate Juneteenth knowing that we all weren't free at the same time and we might have to do it again. On August 5, 2023 there was a new awakening and we all understood the assignment. Fear mongering is no longer allowed. We will stand up. We will fight back. We will bond and reestablish mutual aid in our communities. By the grace of Harriet Tubman, we are our Ancestors' dreams and we will not let our voices be drowned out. We will unite and continue sowing until the reaping day.

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