Endorse petition to End Billy Porter's James Baldwin Biopic

The Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States members are joining the growing movement to halt the production of the James Baldwin biopic, slated to be directed by Billy Porter. We condemn Porter's Zionist stance and queer capitalist agenda, which contradict Baldwin's values and writings.  "James Baldwin has had a tremendous influence on my life and I do not want his genius flattened and reduced to accommodate Hollywood marketability."  states Angela Walker, 2020 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate.



Baldwin's work championed justice, equality, and intersectionality, making him a beacon for marginalized communities. Porter's dismissal of Baldwin's critiques of Israel and Zionism and his focus on "Black and queer" identity without context perpetuate harmful erasures.


"We stand in solidarity with the petitioners and demand a halt to the biopic," said Philena Farley, Green Party National Black Caucus Co-Chair. "Baldwin's life and work should not be commodified or distorted to serve capitalist interests. We advocate for a genuine representation of his legacy, honoring his commitment to social justice and human rights."



Join us in signing the petition and boycotting the film. Let us preserve James Baldwin's true spirit and continue his fight for a more just and equitable society.




Why this petition matters


James Baldwin was not just an author; he was a vocal supporter of Palestinian liberation and staunchly anti-capitalist. His work has laid the groundwork for countless activists fighting for Palestine today. It is therefore deeply disrespectful that Billy Porter - an individual who supports Zionism and willfully turns a blind eye to the plight of Palestinians - is set to co-write and star in a film about Baldwin.

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