Onwards to Zero Tolerance: Celebrating Survivors & Ending FGM

Today, on #EndFGM Day, the National Black Caucus of the Green Party stands firmly with survivors and advocates working tirelessly to eradicate the harmful practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). It's a day to acknowledge the ongoing struggles and celebrate the immense progress made toward achieving zero tolerance for this human rights violation.

The Green Party's platform fights for justice and equality for all, regardless of race, gender, or any other factor. FGM disproportionately affects Black communities around the world, inflicting physical, emotional, and psychological harm on millions of girls and women. This practice violates our bodily autonomy, perpetuates gender inequality, and undermines our fundamental human rights.

We applaud the courage and resilience of survivors, who share their stories to raise awareness and advocate for change. Their bravery amplifies the movement and empowers others to speak out against the harmful traditional and societal norms that perpetuate FGM.

As the National Black Caucus of the Green Party, we recognize our responsibility to educate ourselves and our communities about the devastating impact of FGM and support organizations and survivor-led initiatives working to eliminate FGM as we all  interconnected and interdependent.

Join us in taking action, share and continue to spread awareness for Black History Month.

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In solidarity,

The National Black Caucus of the Green Party

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