Africans and Ukraine observed on Juneteenth

Today, as we celebrate Juneteenth, it's important to recognize the ongoing struggles for freedom and justice faced by Black people in America and around the world. Recent news of Putin's meeting with African leaders for peace talks highlights the interconnectedness of global issues and the need for solidarity in the fight for peace and justice.

The Green Party of the United States demands the immediate implementation of the peace deal signed between Russia and Ukraine in spring 2022 called “The Agreement on Permanent Neutrality and Safety Guarantees to Ukraine”

The Russian president held up a piece of paper during a meeting with several African leaders, June 17th, 2023, saying it was a document agreed by the Kyiv negotiation team. © 2023 Associated Newspapers Limited 

In February 2022, Rita Jacobs, member of the Green Party’s Peace Action Committee (GPAX) stated, “A serious solution that prioritizes the lives of Ukrainian civilians will require an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of Russian troops, a promise of no US troops or arms in Ukraine, and a commitment to diplomacy.”

The 2022 peace deal, which was negotiated in good faith by both parties, provides a clear path to peace. The Green Party strongly condemns western interference in the peace negotiations and nationally endorsed, on October 10th, 2022,  the official position regarding the war in Ukraine and issued multiple press releases and statements calling for a ceasefire and a diplomatic solution to the conflict. The party also called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia and Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a meeting with a delegation of African leaders and senior officials in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday,

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended a meeting with a delegation of African leaders and senior officials in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday.AP

For countries in the Global South, the war in Ukraine has made problems that have been simmering and growing over time—such as inequality between rich and poor nations and dwindling access to resources by poorer countries—all too apparent, “Let’s not fool ourselves, this is also about control of resources and riches among world powers,” said Margaret Elisabeth, Green Party US National Co-Chair. Beijing also released a proposed peace plan in February 2023 but Ukraine and its Western allies largely dismissed the proposal.

As we celebrate Juneteenth and reflect on our current conditions of modern-day slavery and racism, it's important to remember that Black people in the Global South have also faced centuries of colonialism, exploitation, and violence. The war in Ukraine has highlighted existing problems and exposed deep global divides that had been simmering for centuries. 

Screenshot of multiple articles of african immigrants and students facing discrimination

The Green Party of the United States has long been a vocal opponent of the military industrial complex and its impact on our economy and society. The war in Ukraine, like so many other conflicts, has been fueled by the profits of weapons manufacturers and defense contractors. The result is a bloated military budget that drains resources from social programs and exacerbates economic inequality. Black Americans are disproportionately impacted by these policies.

We urge all marginalized and oppressed people who believe in peace to contact their elected officials and demand that they support the implementation of the peace deal in Ukraine. 


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